Get to Know Your Certified Weight Loss Coach!

My Name is Yvette Tates, 

Many of you have seen my YouTube Channel She Is Here Tv, Instagram @ymtates, read a blog, or just online shopping. No matter how you ended up on this web page let me tell you a little about me. 

I started my weight loss journey "this last time" in 2017 right before I got engaged. I quickly was newly married and relocated to another state I did not know much about. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I currently live with my husband in a small town near Denver, Colorado.

I found myself feeling alone often when I had plenty of people to love me. I suddenly realized I could no longer utilize all of the excuses I had created for myself that allowed me to be depressed in private for years, and in denial regarding my daily actions. I choose to stop pretending I wanted things I was not willing to fight to achieve. I figured out why I kept yo-yo dieting, I created a plan to eliminate all of my reasons, and I put myself to work. I have many stories to share, advice to give, and time to share.

I hope you click to book me soon! We can help you accomplish all your weight loss goals together! 


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